What we Believe

At Infinity Church we want the Christian life to be simple and effective, focusing on plain truths that make a dramatic difference in our lives. It only makes sense that the Christian life should revolve around Jesus Christ, doesn’t it? We teach and believe that Jesus Christ makes that dramatic difference in our everyday living, and only He can enable us to experience life as He designed it. Most of us have experienced the futility and emptiness of other substitutes for giving God the rightful place in our lives. And the result is always the same: only God can fill our deepest needs. All other routes are ultimately dead-end streets.
Our gatherings are casual and comfortable at Infinity, which is just one indication of our desire to live transparently with no facades. We’re earnest about seeking and applying answers for everyday living from God’s book, the Bible. And we believe that is best done within a family of believers who also want God’s best for their lives. No one would argue that life is filled with challenges, and without God’s direction and the encouragement of others, it can be a difficult and sometimes lonely experience. Perhaps church life in the past has let you down, or you just haven’t found a church that fits for you. We are a loving family of Christian believers who are standing side-by-side and enjoying the harmony of our church family as we grow and learn together. We know that we’re not perfect so we welcome others who are also imperfect!
Join us. Experience the difference that Christ can make in your life. Experience how refreshing a simple approach to the Christian life can be. And experience a church family that welcomes and accepts you.